What would you say you do here?

We want to be more productive in less time. Usually that shouldn’t be possible; everything involves tradeoffs, right? But we’ve been doing some research, and are working on making this possible for everyone. The major system we like is called Getting Things Done, by David Allen; a few afternoons spent finishing this book will more than pay for the purchase price. It’s a great system, but systems need implementations, and we are working on building one for you.

So who are we?


I wear many hats, and spin many plates. I develop software, I design games, I teach, I run workshops on process and soft-skills development. I am generally considered a busy person, but that’s not the perception I want to generate or the experience I want to have: I want to be an effective person, someone who completes many things, not works on many things. Knowing what “done” looks like, and how to get from here to there, is my goal in all my projects.


I am a former finance worker turned software developer. The feeling that matters most for me is flow: the state of effortless attention that makes execution easy and enjoyable. I love games of all kinds because they usually showcase flow, and I strive to have that feeling in my everyday life. I am most interested in just having the little things be done with, so I can focus on what really matters.

What we are doing:

We are hacking at early prototypes of a better implementation, helping you feel unburdened, effective, and accomplished. A very zen kind of feeling, not unlike our namesake: Bonsai.